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    How to solve a problem when deploy Local Computer Policy on Windows Servers with BLP ?


      On Microsoft Servers, with Agent 8.2 we try to deploy a BLP which apply User Rights Policy to change Local Computer Policy.

      The problem is, when BLP applies,  Bladelogic deletes Authentied User account from the  Local Computer Policy

      Our platform is BSA8.2sp3r430.before-after_installblp.JPG


      We've created a blp (see the picture) using the live object view to create the content. So we created , on a reference server the Security we need to install on many servers.


      So we want to modifiy the value :

      - Deny log on locally : BladelogicRSCD and ucmdb

      - Deny log on through Terminal Services : ucmdb


      We launch our blp and the result seems fine. BUT it was not ! The agent BL deletes all entries for the "Authentified Users" account in the Local Computer Policy


      Why the agent bl deletes this entry ?

      Is it a bug does it have a problem on the BLP ?

      Does it need another action ?


      I give you screenshots as attachment.


      Hope you can help us