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    Problem with Agent Installer Job - Agent startup Timed Out

    Ali SIMON

      Hello everyone,


      I'm testing the new Agent Installer Jobs (introduced with BSA 8.5.01)

      This is on BSA Infrastructure upgraded from 8.2.00 -> (8.6 Patch 1)


      I've created my bundles/package/depot/job etc.... everything is OK, the job run well but systematically it ends with an error "Agent Startup Timed Out"

      Though, the agent upgrades fine and start correctly. It looks like to me that BSA is trying to access the newly installed agent too quickly.

      Does someone have an idea on what I could do for this ?

      This is on a SLES11 x64 Linux agent, but it's the exact same problem with Windows 2008R2 agent.


      Here are some logs extract to better understand the situation. Please take a carefull look at the timestamps !!


      BSA :

      Info 03/23/2015 14:34:55 The agent is already installed on ...
      Info 03/23/2015 14:34:55 Initiating agent upgrade.
      Info 03/23/2015 14:34:59 The agent version detected on the target is ''
      Info 03/23/2015 14:34:59 The Operating System of target server is : 'Linux 64-bit'.
      Info 03/23/2015 14:34:59 The installation software picked from agent bundle is : 'RSCD86-P1-LIN64.rpm'.
      Info 03/23/2015 14:35:01 Staging the agent installer, upgrade script and required (if any) configuration files to target servers staging directory : '/var/tmp/stage'.


      Info 03/23/2015 14:35:09 Launching script for upgrading an Agent.
      Info 03/23/2015 14:35:10 Launched the upgrade script successfully.
      Info 03/23/2015 14:35:11 Agent is still running. Waiting for agent to go down.
      Info 03/23/2015 14:35:21 Agent is stopped.
      Info 03/23/2015 14:35:21 Attempt number 1 to validate that the agent on server xxxxxxx is up and running.
      Warning 03/23/2015 14:35:21 Attempt number 1 failed to validate the agent on server xxxxxxx due to 'Connection refused' error.  Sleeping for 30 seconds and retrying.
      Error 03/23/2015 14:35:51 Validating running agent on server '...' timed out.
      Error 03/23/2015 14:35:51 Agent upgrade have failed. For more details please check installations logs at /var/tmp/stage/5850_fd4997f9-b8e3-4fce-9ef3-ce8af0d754a4/AgentUpgrade.log on server .....


      AgentUpgrade.log :

      Starting the agent upgrade

      Upgrade Command is : rpm -Uiv --prefix /usr/nsh ./RSCD86-P1-LIN64.rpm

      Preparing packages for installation...

      Legacy installation located at /usr/nsh/NSH

      Preparing upgrade for RSCD Agent version ...

      Backing up config files ...

      Continuing with RSCD installation in /usr/nsh...


      Restoring local installation config files

      Configuring RSCD Agent in /usr/nsh ...

      ============== Stopping RSCD Agent (if running) ==============

      ... Done


      ===================== Starting the Agent =====================

      ... Done

      =================== Installation Complete ====================

      The installation is complete. You are now ready to begin using

      BMC BladeLogic Server Automation software.

      For support please e-mail us at customer_support@bmc.com


      Agent upgrade completed successfully

      Starting RSCD service

      Starting Remote System Call Daemon (RSCD) ...

      RSCD service started

      File timestamp at the end of the install :

      # stat /var/tmp/stage/5850_fd4997f9-b8e3-4fce-9ef3-ce8af0d754a4/AgentUpgrade.log | grep Change

      Change: 2015-03-23 14:36:01.459225402 +0100


      Rscd.log on the agent :

      03/23/15 14:35:09.766 INFO     rscd -  x.x.x.x 24534 0/0 (BLAdmins:asimon): nexec: /ehc/fs1/softs/bmc/BladeLogic/NSH/bin/nexec -nohup <server_xxxxx> sh /var/tmp/stage/5850_fd4997f9-b8e3-4fce-9ef3-ce8af0d754a4//upgrade_agent.sh &

      03/23/15 14:35:09.894 INFO1    rscd -  x.x.x.x 24534 0/0 (BLAdmins:asimon): nexec: > 01010 Execute remote command: "sh /var/tmp/stage/5850_fd4997f9-b8e3-4fce-9ef3-ce8af0d754a4//upgrade_agent.sh &"

      03/23/15 14:35:09.920 INFO1    rscd -  x.x.x.x 24535 0/0 (BLAdmins:asimon): nexec: SIGHUP will be ignored for command sh\032/var/tmp/stage/5850_fd4997f9-b8e3-4fce-9ef3-ce8af0d754a4//upgrade_agent.sh\032& and its child process

      .... <-- NEW rscd.log file is generated

      03/23/15 14:36:01.461 INFO     rscd -  xxxxxxx 25300 -1/-1 (Not_available): (Not_available): FIPS Enabled

      03/23/15 14:36:01.461 INFO     rscd -  xxxxxxx 25300 -1/-1 (Not_available): (Not_available): Agent version is

      03/23/15 14:36:01.461 INFO     rscd -  xxxxxxx 25300 -1/-1 (Not_available): (Not_available): Platform Details: x86_64;xxxxxxx;3.0.101-0.46-default;Linux;#1 SMP Wed Dec 17 11:04:10 UTC 2014 (8356111);x86_64