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    Solution for: Windows Patching getting hung on same patch forever on Windows 2008+

    Yanick Girouard

      For some time now we had been experiencing issues with BSA Windows Patching against Windows 2008 servers (and above) where the patching seemed stuck on the same update forever (any update, not a specific one). After much investigation, I have discovered that the updates were getting stuck at the "Checking for updates" phase. After some research I found that if Windows Update is checking for updates in the background when you try to execute a KB update at the same time, the latter will stall and wait for Windows Update to "release" the service.


      To remedy this, I did the following:


      1. Edit the Windows Update settings and set it to never check for update.

      2. Restarted the Windows Update service to interrupt any ongoing check, and reset the service.


      As soon as I did that, I started a new Patching Job against the server I was using as a guinea pig and it managed to install 207 updates in less than 1 hour. It was literally flying.


      So, the bottom line is that in addition to the need to have the Windows Update service enabled and set to automatic for patching to work, the Windows Update settings should also be set to "Never check for updates" in order for it to never, ever conflict with BSA patching.


      This should be a KA !