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    Email Monitor fails to Process emails

    Richard Lester
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      I am having an issue randomly with the email monitor.  The email that it is working with gets marked as read but is not processed.  I can then mark a not read and it will process correctly the next time.  Any ideas on why this is happening?

      Track-IT 11.4


      Event Type: Error
      Message Id: 6130
      Event Date: 4/13/2015 4:52:12 PM
      Error 100111 - Mail Monitor failed to check mail: Imap

        -- An IMAP4 connection is not established.  [Quiksoft.EasyMail.IMAP4.IMAP4ConnectionException]

      Quiksoft.EasyMail.IMAP4.IMAP4ConnectionException : An IMAP4 connection is not established.
         at Quiksoft.EasyMail.IMAP4.IMAP4.?(String A_0, Encoding A_1, Boolean A_2)
         at Quiksoft.EasyMail.IMAP4.IMAP4.?(String A_0)
         at Quiksoft.EasyMail.IMAP4.IMAP4.Logout()
         at TrackIt.Business.Administration.BasicAdministrationImpl.EmailRequestManagement.IMAPEmailClient.ProcessMessages()
         at TrackIt.Business.Administration.BasicAdministrationImpl.EmailRequestManagement.EmailMonitor.ExecuteMonitorCycleCore()

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