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    Anyone else having issues with latest FPAC Hotfix 150313p and Macs?

    Eduardo Chapa
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      We are using FPAC 11.7 and applied the latest Hotfix 150313p a couple of weeks ago. After our Macs received it through the OneOff Operational Rule, the CPU utilization of the mtxproxy process (and sometimes mtxagent) is unusually high, around 45-55%, steady. This is leading to our Mac laptops getting extremely hot and/or draining the battery a lot faster than usual. This issue has presented itself on both OS X Mavericks and Yosemite (we know it is currently not supported).

      We have already opened a ticked with BMC Support and they are looking at the logs. To work around this issue in the meantime, we've had to downgrade our Mac agents either manually (by uninstalling/reinstalling) or pushing them an agent reinstall package, and turning off Automatic Agent Update.

      Have you also seen this issue in your environment? If so, what FPAC and OS X versions are your affected Macs running?

      Thank you,

      Eduardo Chapa