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    issues with patch management

    Erez Frenkel



      Customer works with BSA 8.2.04


      We have an issues with the patch management system:


      1.        When the customer run a patch management job for 3 divided groups, around 100 servers for total

      At 20:00, 22:00, 23:00 the first and the second group start the job with no problem,

      The third group enter to a waiting status, and start later, but we would like that the third group will start automatic at the correct time


      (the same happened with other 3 divided groups -for about 30 servers)



      2.         When the customer run a remediation job, sometime the job stack for hours,

      (like at step 4 from14 for specific one server- when other target servers continue and there are at step 12 from 14 etc..)

      until the customer restart the problematic target server,

      immediately the entire job continue, and finished successfully


      Any ideas if we can solve those issues?




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          Bill Robinson

          1 - what does "divided group" mean ?  they are all targets of the same job ?  this is a scheduled job?  are there other things running in the system when the 3rd set kicks off ?  what's happening in the database at that time ?  how long does it take the 3rd group to start ?


          2 by 'remediation job' you mean the deploy job that's pushing the patches ?  these are all targets of the same job?  is the job set to 'by server' or 'by phase' ?

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            Devon Woods

            Erez, check your Deploy Job Options to make sure that you have the By Server radio button selected rather than the By Phase radio button in the Flow Control section. This will help to insure that the job completes on as many servers as possible. If By Phase is selected it waits until all target servers complete a phase (simulate, stage, commit) before moving one. So, if you have one server stuck on simulate then none of the others will move on until that one server completes the simulate phase etc.