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    Job execution delays

      I have 4 Bladelogic App servers two in one geo-location in CT and one in NY and VA.


      I have over 100 + jobs that are moving huge 20GB+ log data from various NY & VA locations to a repository server which holds these logs file. Over time I nave noticed that the job execution is taking logger and longer.


      When looking at the App server threads and vitals I have not see any issues related to my app servers.

      Is there any thing I can do to look into what is causing the delays or can i change any configuration to help this process move faster?



      Below is a example of the sate of my app server at the peak:

      BLManager Version =

      Async integration = Enabled

      Maximum concurrent jobs = 50

      Number of jobs currently running = 45

      Number of work item threads = 100

      Available work item threads = 73

      File server root location = //blfile.prod.pcln.com/t/storage/

      BLAST usage = Level 1 Enabled

      PropertySync = Disabled


      Hostname = NW-BLOGIC-203

      OS Name = Windows Server 2008 R2

      Version = 6.1

      Architecture = amd64

      Number of Processors Available to JVM = 32

      JRE Version = 1.6.0_37 from Sun Microsystems Inc.

      JRE Data Model = 64-bit

      JRE VM Name = Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM

      Maximum JVM Memory (B) = 3,817,799,680

      Total JVM Memory (B) = 2,906,193,920

      Free JVM Memory (B) = 2,316,460,312

      Used JVM Memory (B) = 589,733,608

      Used File Descriptors = 277,203

      FIPS 140-2 Mode = enabled