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    ADDM TKU March 2015 Release is now available!

    Jean Louis Deshairs
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      In case you have not subscribed to the ADDM Proactive email Notification yet, I am informing you that the TKU March 2015 release was delivered last week. (As an aside note, in order to register to proactive alerts please go to this page: http//webapps.bmc.com/support/faces/pan/registration.jsp , you will however need a valid BMC Support ID to log in).


      *The TKU March 2015 release increases the coverage of #DevOps products with the support of Redis, Sensu, memcached, Atlassian Jira new products but also comes with BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics, and Pivotal Greenplum Database new products and many enhancements of existing patterns. Please visit the March 2015 TKU release page for more information.


      *The TKU Extended Data Pack March 2015 Release comes with many updates about EOL data and HRD data. Please visit the March 2015 Extended Data Pack release page for more information.


      *This release comes with 10 new HP Network Device definitions. Please Please visit the March 2015 Network Device Definitions page for details.


      *If you have a license for the "BMC Atrium Discovery for Storage" product, you can download the TKU March 2015 new release which comes with several enhancements and important BUG fixes for EMC, Hitachi, IBM, and NetApp Storage Systems patterns. Please visit the Storage Systems Information page for more information.


      If you have any requests about unsupported products please post your ideas on this community forum or vote for existing ideas.


      As usual, the above releases are downloadable from their respective locations on the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.




      Jean-Louis Deshairs.