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    Converting Secondary Time Stamp Fields from Epoch Time

    Brendan Murray
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      There are several log sources where the log events contain various internal time stamps. BPPM is an example. In the screen shot below you can see mc_incident_time and mc_arrival_time. These time stamps have been parsed into fields, but they are still in epoch time, which is meaningless to humans. Going from memory, I believe we do data type these fields. If they are typed, would it not be possible to convert them to human-readable time?


      Secondary Time stamps.png


      Windows event logs are another example. Again, we parse the TimeWritten and TimeGenerated values into ITDA fields, but the values are shown in epoch time.


      I can understand not converting raw text, but if we are parsing the data into ITDA fields, why are we not converting the time stamps to a human-readable format?