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    pyARLogAnalyzer: Problem calculating statistics for a single Escalation log

    David Still
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      I get the following when I try to run the pyARLogAnalyzer against a single Escalation log (tested with both 5.3.3 and 5.4.1):


      C:\Support\Remedy Utilities\Python Log Analyzer\pyARLogAnalyzer5.3.3>pyarloganalyzer.py DS_S37_ESC.001.log

      Reading and sorting DS_S37_ESC.001.log

      Writing sorted and filtered file...

      File DS_S37_ESC.001.log sorted and filtered

      Calculating statistics for DS_S37_ESC.001.log

      Traceback (most recent call last):

        File "C:\Support\Remedy Utilities\Python Log Analyzer\pyARLogAnalyzer5.3.3\pyA

      RLogAnalyzer.py", line 802, in <module>

          currentline=splitline(line, i)

        File "C:\Support\Remedy Utilities\Python Log Analyzer\pyARLogAnalyzer5.3.3\pyA

      RLogAnalyzer.py", line 261, in splitline


      ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''


      There are 4 log files in the set, and this occurs when I attempt to run the utility:

      • against the offending log file on it's own (pyarloganalyzer.py file1.log)
      • when it's part of the default logs dir (pyarloganalyzer.py --logdir)
      • when specifying all 4 log files in line (pyarloganalyzer.py file1.log file2.log file3.log)


      I've managed to crunch the remaining 3 files just fine, so it's a problem with the initial log file it appears.


      I've tried to re-extract the offending log for the zip archive, but I get the same problem.


      Any ideas?