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    Compliance Content for Bladelogic 8.1.4 to support Win2k12

      Hi All,


      We are using Bladelogic 8.1.4 application server on Linux platform. We got a requirement from Windows team to configure CIS for Win2k8 and Win2k12 servers. But as 8.1.4 compliance content do not support Win2k12.


      I tried to download the compliance content from 8.5.1 and tried to install on BL 8.1 Linux app server but it doesn't work as it say the BSA version should be 8.5. Can any one help me to install compliance content on BL 8.1.4 version on Linux platform to Support all 3 Windows environment 2k3/2k8/2k12.


      Is there any solution/way I can use in 8.1.4, we can't go for immediate upgrade due to customized environment.