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    Microsoft VMM 2012 SP1 on Win 2012 R2 - workaround

      I have a MSFT VMM 2012 SP1 instance installed on Windows 2012 R2. Bladelogic version is 8.5 SP1 P2

      The online docs I referred indicated that the VMM version is supported but only on Windows 2012 - NOT R2


      Weirdly enough when I tried to connect it anyway, I noticed that the

      Connection instance doesn't create automatically (I created a manual connection with the username/pwd for VMM)


      When attempting to browse the VMM in server live browse it throws invalid credential errors. (I was expecting some other error/behavior)


      My question is,

      Is there a workaround to make VMM 2012 SP1 work on Win2012 R2 ?


      What future version of BSA will support VMM 2012 R2?