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    Search Page: Criteria vs. Criterion

    Brendan Murray
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      I believe we need to change this instruction on the initial search page:

      Specify a search criteria and then click Search to see results matching those criteria”.


      (WARNING: English Major comment follows.) We need to make up our minds whether criteria is singular or plural. Strictly speaking, criteria is plural. The singular is criterion, although many people don’t know this. Rather than get into the whole criterion/criteria thing, I suggest just removing the “a” after Specify.





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          I agree with you on the grammar, Brendan.  I'll get that fixed for 2.0.

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            Any objections to just removing that text?  Looking at Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and many more don't have any such instructions.  Additionally, we have some instructions in faint text in the search bar to start with.  I feel like if that was the only text on the screen, users might actually read it and that text is more valuable/applicable than this "Specify..." text.  Agreed or no?

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              Brendan Murray

              I am not yet convinced that emulating the look and feel of Internet search engines makes sense for ITDA. When I search the web, I am mostly searching for a single word or a phrase. I don't need to remember complex boolean logic or nested terms, so an empty box that I just type in is all I need. Also, the implicit scope of the search is the whole Internet. I don't have to specify that. The implicit time-span is, since the dawn of the Internet, with the newest stuff first. So a clean, stripped-down interface makes sense.


              I am not sure the same is true for ITDA. What if I don't want my first search to span all indexed data? Then I have to remember the names of my collectors. Or search for * first, and possibly open up the time filter to the last 7 days to see all my data sources and/or tags. Then I can start slicing and dicing. I would much rather have the initial search page list all my collectors along with the time stamp of the most recent log event. The Search bar would be at the top. I could either type a search string from scratch, or I could drill down on one of my collectors and start my search from there. I really think we need to give people a graphical way to build searches and we should start by showing them what data is available in the tool. The way it is now, I see the initial search page as something people will feel they have to get past in order to start doing real work. They will just enter * and Last 7 Days so that they can see what they are doing.

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                Mike Yates

                as the screen is so bare couldn't we put some search examples or something there ... only a suggestion ... maybe even search wizard of some kind ..