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    catalog number

      I have RedHat online catalog configured and it is working fine but whenever I update the catalog, I see folders like following:


      [root@rh6patch RHEL6.5]# ls -d catalog_200*

      catalog_2000269.part/  catalog_2002402/


      I understand that catalog_2000269.part is being updated and catalog_2002402 is presumably an older catalog but what do these numbers mean?  Are they arbitrary or random?  Can I get rid of them?


      If anyone knows anything, please advise,



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          Bill Robinson

          They are the group id of the catalog group.  why do you want to get rid of them ?

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            Thanks for the reply Bill.


            I wanted to be able to use simple rsync operation to create another online catalog server.


            I have two RedHat online catalog servers and one gets updates daily (server A) and the other one was updated about a week ago (server B).  I sent the entire catalog folders from server A to server B via rsync and ran patch job against the catalog in server B and it errored out with following message:


            Error    Mar 26, 2015 1:16:08 PM    Error while running pre-analysis on server: -----------, Error: Could not find repodata.tar.gz corresponding to OsArch: 'RHES6x86_64' in the catalog ( at location '//ServerB/export/patches/RHEL6.5/catalog_2000269/RHES6x86_64/repodata.tar.gz'). Please update the catalog


            when I looked under /export/patches/RHEL6.5/ on server B, what I found was a directory named catalog_2002402, which I assume, was created a week ago.


            When I created a symlink catalog_2000269 --> catalog_2002402, the patch job worked but I am not happy with that solution.  I guess I can create the symlink right after rsync operation but I was wondering whether there is a better way to do this.



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              Bill Robinson

              If one of the repos updates daily, why are you trying to merge it w/ something that was updated a week ago?  won’t the daily one have the most recent rpms ?

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                Oh so the scenario is this:


                Server A: gets updates daily

                Server B and C: these are located in different data centers and have been used as online catalog servers before but have not run updates in a while


                Now that that RedHat VMs are being populated in the sites where Server B and C are located, I wanted to re-activate their services so that the VMs can patch against servers on their site rather than having to contact Server A across multiple networks.


                I also didn't want Servers B and C to have to download the RPMs from RedHat (even though we have sufficient license) since Server A is doing that already. That's why I am trying to simply rsync the files from server A to servers B and C.  The rsync process itself works well but patch jobs expect certain catalog group number so I'm looking for a work around.


                Initially, I wanted to use offline catalog to propagate to servers B and C but that functionality is broken badly that it's not an option any more.





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                  Bill Robinson

                  ?are these all in the same bladelogic install ?