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    Pending Reboot on Agent Upgrade

    Charlie Sullivan

      We have an Agent 8.6 Upgrade bundle for Windows. I've tested it on about 20 servers and everything seems fine, except that on about 25% - 30% of the clients we get "Pending reboot on server" in the results. The log says "Windows Installer has detected a pending reboot request." In most cases, we're upgrading from, but it doesn't seem to matter if we're starting from an earlier 8.5.


      Practically speaking, I can't detect any problems. The Client seems to work and it shows in the console with 8.6 as the RSCD version. I can live browse after the upgrade, as an example. We have seen the same thing using a bundle to upgrade to different versions of 8.5 in the past couple of years.


      Has anyone else seen this or know the cause? Are there any arguments that would prevent this? Anyone know if it would be safe to just ignore it? It seems as though it would be, but I don't want to make such an assumption. I don't have any reason to believe that a reboot is truly needed, though I may be able to confirm that with a little more digging.

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          Patrick O'Callaghan

          We have been seeing the same behavior in our 8.6 environment with agent upgrades.  Does anyone know if this is maybe due to there being a pending reboot on the server before the upgrade was initiated or does the RSCD agent upgrade actually cause the server to need a pending reboot?

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            Bill Robinson

            yes - so the rscd install looks to see if there is anything in the PendingFileRename registry key - iirc it's under hklm\system\currentcontrolset\session maanger or something like that.  that is where applications leave files that need to get copied on the next boot because the files were in use at the time of the install.  so you'd get that message if any application had left something there.


            you can get blade to ignore this w/ the PENDINGREBOOTFORCE=1 option to the msi - eg:


            msiexec /i rscd.msi /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress PENDINGREBOOTFORCE=1 /l*v c:\temp\rscd.log

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              Charlie Sullivan

              Thanks, Bill. I wondered about using PENDINGREBOOTFORCE=1. Also, thanks for the information regarding the Registry key. I was looking for something like that in order to flag it beforehand in testing.


              So it sounds like you're saying that we can in fact use PENDINGREBOOTFORCE=1 to basically ignore the Registry key, and the Agent should be installed successfully. In other words, we won't see the Pending Reboot warning AND the Agent Upgrade itself is unlikely to need a reboot, correct?