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    DHCP Scope option 211(Disaster recovery scenario)

    Steve Cupp

      In our normal DCHP scope option 211 at our main datacenter we have specified the IP address/Port for our BSA Application server. We have multiple remote sites with this option set as well to the same address and this is working well.


      During our Disaster Recovery (DR) exercise we realized that since we were simulating a scenario where our BSA Application server was gone and we were running on a replicated copy of that Application Server at our DR location. The IP address set in the Scope option 211 would not be active.


      So now we are trying to figure out what the solution would be for us when we are in this DR scenario. I have confirmed with our Network team that the Bluecat DNS/DHCP product we run can only take an IP address in the 211 option, so using some type of DNS name is not an option.


      I suppose we could manually change this scope option value on any VLAN that we would need to provision on during this scenario, and make that a step in our "DR Playbook".


      I'm also wondering if multiple IP addresses could be used in the 211 option in some type of rollover process.


      I'm looking for any other ideas that anyone may have or have used in a similar situation.


      Thanks as always. . .