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    [Solved] Help with blcli Virtualization class

    Alexandre Dumont



      I'm interested in learning more about the BLCli Virtualization class, but I fail to find the infomration I need to really use it. What I'd like to do is fully interact with the VMs from BSA.


      So far, I have found usable examples of how to take a snapshots of a VM, using the snapshotVirtualGuest method, and how to start/stop a VM, using the changeVirtualGuestPowerStatus method.


      Other than that, I know there is the executeCommand method, for which I have really failed to find any help. The only example available is:


      Virtualization executeCommand localhost "//sburle-lt-01.bmc.com/e/BLCLI-InputFiles/reLocateVM.xml" VMwareVirtualCenter


      but there's no information about what we can put inside the xlm file.


      What type of command can we pass to Virtualization executeCommand in a VMware context? Is it PowerCLI commands?


      I guess to be able to modify existing VMs, I will have to work with xml VGP and VGJ, but here again the documentation is pretty scarse. It only explains how to create baremetal VMs or VMs from templates, but I failed to find anything about modifying a VM: add vCPUs, add RAM, add NIC, add Disks by using a VGP.

      There's the updateVirtualGuestPackage method as well, but how to use that?


      Any help is welcome , cc Bill Robinson


      Thanks in advance,