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    Advanced File Server - setup



      I would like to enable "Advanced File Server" in env.

      I'm looking for docs here https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/bsa86/Home

      but without success (why there is no clear explanation how to set such AFS???)


      But let me ask several questions:

      General Tab:

      What's the difference  between "File Server Root Path" and "Advanced File Server Root Path"?

      The localisations of "File Server Root Path" and "Advanced File Server Root Path" should be the separate?

      Where the data is stored? I have dedicated File System for FS but I need to know where mount it.


      "Store Repository State in File Server" / "Store Repository State in specyfic directory" what is it?

      What kind of data are stored in there dirs?


      Security Tab:

      SSL Enabled - So deploying data is not secured using standard File Server ?

      Automation Principal (simplifying user/pass) is for what? Connection to RSCD is not enough?


      Transmitter Tab:

      Transmitter Host Name - What is it, is it new term referring to File Server?

      Transmitter Root Directory - what is it ? is it new term referring to "File Server Root Path"?


      Listener Port/RPC Port? What king of connectivity I have set?



      Performance Tab/Network Tab:

      Here everything looks clear.


      If someone have knowledge in this field please share.