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    pyARLogAnalyzer 5.4.2 pre-release

    Vincent Riedweg
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      This discussion will be still marked as a question until the version 5.4.2 will be released.


      In the meantime, all questions comments, feedbacks about this future release are welcome and that's the right place.


      Main objective of the new version 5.4.2 :

      Be ready for AR System 9.0 log analysis.


      Changes in this release :

      • In AR System 9, SGE, GE, BE, GLEWF, SE API calls can call other API and were wrongly flagged as invalid.
      • With AR System 9 escalation logs, the pattern used to identify an escalation and the form are not the same than in previous version.
      • BEGIN TRANSACTION and COMMIT TRANSACTION are now removed from the invalid SQL Statements list.
      • With AR System 9 logs, sometimes the table name includes bracket.
      • With AR System 9 logs, WITH table may be found instead --- Not Found ---
      • BugFix: User friendly Elapsed time in log files calculation, introduced in previous release, was wrong


      Some information :

      I'll publish here only files that are required for the release and which are modified from the 5.4.1 release!!!


      I'll do the final packaging for the 5.4.2 release...