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    Smart-IT Configuration - Meaning of Server Names in xml files in a Server Group

    Thomas Hammer
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      What is the meaning of the several server name lines in the file "MyITInstalledConfiguration.xml" that can be found in the Smart-IT installation path, e.g. "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT_MyIT"?


      When the ITSM installation is configured as a server group, which name goes where?


      Which has to be the ServerGroup Alias name? Which has to be the primary admin server name? Or do we have to specify a dedicated user server instead? Do we have to use the FQDN or only the server name? Couldn't find any documentation yet.


      I'm talking about the following values:










      find attached an example of the parts in the xml file


      Does anyone have an idea how to configure it correctly?