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    Install a Windows .msu package



      I am trying to create a package that will install Windows Management Framework v4.0. When I download the installation file, it is "Windows6.1-KB2819745-x64-MultiPkg.msu". Previously when I have created software packages the have all been .msi or .exe


      In BladeLogic, I selected New > Software > Custom Software. I selected my installation file as the Installable Source. I have tried a few different combinations for "Install Command", but none of them have worked.

      My install commands:

      start /wait ??SOURCE?? /quiet /norestart

      start /wait wusa.exe ??SOURCE?? /quiet /norestart

      start /wait wusa.exe "??SOURCE??" /quiet /norestart


      After saving the custom software, I added it to the depot as a package, the then created a job to deploy it. Each time the jobs says it is successful, but nothing is installed on the target machine.

      Is there a different method required to install .msu files?