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    BSA 8.6 - NSH issues

    Dale Reagan

      Ok, I did not see these on the doc page for 'known issues' - posting here in case others are seeing the same or can also duplicate the problems - link to docs:   https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/bsa86/Known+and+corrected+issues .


      Items we are seeing with NSH:


      1. when using VI with NSH (yes, vi!) - if you open a file with greater than >~20 lines then:
        • only a portion of the file displays (i.e. your window has ~50 lines containing text - you only see a portion of the text)
        • if you cursor up/down in the doc, then the editor 'crashes', drops you back into 'the shell' and your terminal session is now toast (more or less, output will lose newlines; formatting of text is garbled); when you start VI, it 'sets' terminal attributes and when you exit it 'resets' them; I don't see a solution to reset diretly in NSH
        • if you encournter, exit and restart NSH
        • problem shows up with Native NSH and NSH via Putty
        • workaround - once you open the file, turn line numbering (perhaps 'other set commands' may also work) on and your 'vi sesion' will work normally
          • open file
          • :set number ## << turn on line number; turn off with ':set nonumber'
        • will take a wild  guess that this is a Cygwin-related problem
        • did not see this issue with RDS (runs on Linux)


      2. Seemingly random SSL/TLS errors when using NSH - this one is known (but I did not see it on the 'known issues' page; we are testing a new 'jar' file; so far no errors during testing; expecting that some soon-to-be-release service pack will resolve.