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    Advanced Repeater issue

    Rajkumar Rajpurohit


      I have set up an advanced repeater server. I am now trying to run a blpackage deploy job. However, i am getting the below error:


      [19/Mar/2015:04:50:27 -0700] Rep: 19000 Content Replicator version:

      Content Replicator version:


      [19/Mar/2015:04:50:28 -0700] Replicator: 19003 Unexpected http reply code: 504

      [19/Mar/2015:04:50:28 -0700] Replicator: 19002 Install failed.

      com.marimba.apps.rep.util.RepException: Unexpected http reply code: 504

        at com.marimba.apps.rep.RepKernel.getProperties(RepKernel.java:1351)

        at com.marimba.apps.rep.RepKernel.install0(RepKernel.java:998)

        at com.marimba.apps.rep.RepKernel.install(RepKernel.java:606)

        at com.marimba.apps.rep.Rep.doCommands(Rep.java:335)

        at com.marimba.apps.rep.Rep.start(Rep.java:289)

        at com.marimba.apps.rep.Rep$Runner.run(Rep.java:187)

        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)

      Rep exiting: -2 (1.388 seconds)


      Note: We are using BL version 8.2 SP4.