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    Bladelogic 8.6 Agent - Fails when creating directories

    Robert Stinnett

      From the 8.6 gives me a migraine department.... another issue.


      So we have some packages that run and create directories in BL.  New servers being built are now getting the 8.6 agent.  These are Linux boxes running OEL 6.5.  The jobs are failing with cryptic error messages, but we at least know they refer to directories not being created.  If it runs on a 8.5 agent it works just great.


      When we remove the BL native way of creating a new directory and just use a mkdir command it works. 


      Any ideas?  I'm putting in a ticket with support as well. 


      03/18/15 09:54:39.345 DEBUGbldeploy - [3][/apps/logstash/conf] Applying parent first id = 3
      03/18/15 09:54:39.345 INFO bldeploy - [3][/apps/logstash/conf] Processing asset DIR
      03/18/15 09:54:39.351 ERRORbldeploy - [3][/apps/logstash/conf] Apply failed: id = 3
      03/18/15 09:54:39.351 DEBUGbldeploy - [3][/apps/logstash/conf] Apply failed -processing sub-list: id = 3
      03/18/15 09:54:39.351 DEBUGbldeploy - [][] Package failed = BLPACKAGE


      Here's what it is trying to do (now commented out) in the BL package when it blows chunks.