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    Can BladeLogic Component run as a different userid?

      I am new to using the Bladelogic Component Templates/Components folders  I want to use the components to allow developers/production support personnel  to view log files or files in a directory that they otherwise do not have permissions to access. For one of my applications, I want to allow the developers/prod support team to be able to view files in the /hosting/docs/conf folder on each app server. This works great everywhere but production. In production, the /hosting/docs/conf folder is an nfs file system that has the “nosuid” option which basically disables root ability to override directory permissions.  The Bladelogic process which runs on each server, runs as root. The /hosting/docs/conf folder has 750 permissions on it (our companies security policy forces us to set these permissions). My question is, can I change the user that "runs" the template to get around the permission issue? Is there any other creative way of fixing this?