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    TMART stop collecting data

    Jun Wu



      I have a TMART system, there is almost nothing on it, just about 20 monitors. I found the central server stop gathering data from the execution server. And in the meantime, the appServer reaches memory usage more than 500K. I compared this one to my other system, The one I have 300 more monitors, the appServer only uses about 100K memory.

      I tried restart the server, re-connect the database, seems still have the same issue

      One thing I noticed is there is a jdbc.appserver log file, in there, there are hundreds of lines of

      "{date};;;;;;;;;WARNING;Still open Statement with ID xxx is child of closed object and might block handles at ORACLE database;;"


      And we are even not using ORACLE at all, we have SQL DB.

      In my working system, I even cannot find the jdbc.appserver log file at all.


      Could anyone help?