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    rscd agent on windows - reboot



      More or less in 1% cases, during rscd deployment OS needs to be rebooted. (Windows)

      Is it possible to cancel such installation, using Unified Agent Installer?

      I would like to concentrate on major part of env - only where reboot is not needed.


      Thx for any help / suggestions.

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          Bill Robinson

          there's a few cases where the agent will flag for a reboot:


          - the box is already in a 'pending reboot state' from some other software or patch install.  in this case you can ignore this state w/ the 'PENDINGREBOOTFORCE=1' argument to the msiexec command that installs the agent.


          - during upgrade of the rscd, the msiexec needs to replace files that are in use.  it should exit w/ a 3010 code and in that case you really need to reboot the box to pickup the changed files.  there's no way to predict if this will happen or not because: windows.  generally as long as other jobs are not running against the agent, there should not be an issue.

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            Jim Wilson

            It's not recommended but you should be able to prevent the automatic reboot by including the following switch:




            The automatic reboot occurs if the Windows Installer utility cannot complete the installation because certain files are already in use.  In that case, it schedules the files to be updated at the next system restart. and then will attempt to perform the restart unless instructed otherwise.


            Note that if you do suppress the reboot, the RSCD Agent installation needs to be considered incomplete until the restart has occurred and you should schedule the restart to occur at the earliest convenient time and not attempt to manage the target through the RSCD until the restart has completed.

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              For me it's doesn't matter why OS is in 'pending reboot' stage. I now that such situation can occur.

              I just need to install RSCD agents on xxxx servers and I looking for a way how to do that not only in 'Change Windows'.


              So once I use switch Reboot=ReallySuppres I prevent OS rebooting? If yes - great but

              What about such command (i found in parallel thread)

              msiexec /i rscd.msi PENDINGREBOOTFORCE=1 Reboot=ReallySuppress /qn

              Do I need to use PENDINGREBOOTFORCE=1 as well?

              What more:

              Let's imagine that I'am after successful rscd installation on box in 'pending reboot' stage. So I guess that RSCD agent is installed but I'm not able to use it or I shouldn't use it untill box restart? How can I define the state of this particular installation? The installer set the somehow property of recd agent - to need restart/not installed etc.


              I just need user 80/20 rule.

              Install and use what I can - not in 'change window'

              Restart 1% (i guess) Windows boxes in 'change window'

              But I need evidence - which servers i have to restart. And on which I can execute my stuff.

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                Bill Robinson

                yes - you should use this command:

                msiexec /i rscd.msi PENDINGREBOOTFORCE=1 Reboot=ReallySuppress /qn

                the PENDINGREBOOTFORCE tells the msiexec to ignore the presence of the pendingfilerename registry key and continue w/ the install.  Reboot=ReallySuppress prevents the msiexec from rebooting the box if one was required.