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    Getting the error "PXE-T00" while trying to do a pxe install

    Ronald van Gogh

      At the moment I'm trying to deploy a new OS to virtual machine. For this I've setup a new system package type:



      I've unpacked the install ISO under D:\store\SLES11_SP3_x86_64 on the PXE server. I've created the files initrd and linux under D:\tftproot\X86PC\pxelinux\SLES11-SP3 and created a OS package related to this system package type. Next I've added the device of the virtual machine:



      And I've setup a deployment job to combine all this together. However if I now start the deployment job and power on the virtual machine, I get the errors:


      PXE-T00 Could not open file D:\tftproot

      PXE-E36 Error received from TFTP server


      I see that at that point in time a file is created with the MAC address as filename (d:\store\00-50-56-B7-36-E8), but I wonder if not a new file should have been created under D:\tftproot\X86PC\pxelinux\pxelinux.cfg. In the tfstpsvr I see error lines like this:


      [12 Mar 2015 11:05:05,957] [Thread-1] [INFO] Received read request from /

      [12 Mar 2015 11:05:05,957] [Thread-1] [INFO] Requested filename:

      [12 Mar 2015 11:05:06,004] [Thread-1] [INFO] Received read request from /

      [12 Mar 2015 11:05:06,004] [Thread-1] [INFO] Requested filename:


      Des anyone have any idea what I'm missing here and what's going wrong?


      Kind regards,  Ronald van Gogh