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    Licensing Issue of Control-M job


      Hi All


      is any body running the control-M  based on the number jobs? if yes how do you count the number of licenses?


      is it number of jobs defined on the Control-M Desktop? or any other way ?


      if anybody has query to check the license of the Control-M tasks , please share



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          Khalid El Kathiri

          The license is based on the maximum/peak number of jobs ordered into your ajf (Enterprise Manager) within 365 days.


          This is obtained using the Control-M Reporting facility by creating a report using the “Extreme Peaks Usage” template. BMC usually requests to provide the output of this report as well as the workload distribution report. You can take a look at KA376498 which provides more detailed info. on how to generate the reports as well as a quick guide at the end of the page.

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            You can also download from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website the “Control-M Usage Reporting Tool” which extract the same exact information as the “Extreme Peaks Usage” report.

            On the welcome screen of this tool there is a “Read More…” button which opens a dialog that explains the way tasks are being counted.

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              Hi Tom

              I already run the Control-M Usage Reporting Tool, I got the count which is pretty much the one I was not  expected. I need to know what is the logic behind for pulling the job count.

              I got more job count more than what have Control-M ordered into the queue. In my Control-M queue half of the previous ODATE jobs will be there because of the dependency , Hence on any day similar jobs on different will be on AJF . Does the count includes the duplicate jobs with ODATE?


              I am sure there wont be more unique jobs that is defined in Control-M.

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                The formula is simple: Take the maximum amount of total number of orders present in the AJF per day over a period of 365 days.


                As an example, let's say you order 2'000 jobs per day and you start from scratch (an empty AJF).


                On day #1 2'000 jobs are ordered in your AJF and by the end of day #1, 75% of your orders (1'500 orders) are flagged for deletion by the NDP (New Day Procedure), which are orders which ended OK, jobs in wait <anything> with maxwait reached, jobs manually deleted, ...


                On the next day (day #2), before you order your daily jobs, you already have 500 orders remaining from day #1 (2'000 - 1'500) and since you order your 2'000 jobs you now have 2'500 orders in your AJF (2'000 + 500).


                As a result, your peak will be 2'500 orders and this is what you'll be billed for.


                Obviously if you have a bad maintenance over your jobs, your AJF will grow and the more it grows, the higher your peak will be.


                I hope this helps you understand !




                Pierre-Michaël DESHAYES

                Senior Workload Automation Consultant

                BMC Certified Professional

                ITConcepts Professional GmbH

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                  If you download the Usage Reporting Tool from EPD and click on the “read more” button in the welcome screen, you can see the exact algorithm by which jobs are being counted. This algorithm is used by EM and the results are saved in the database. You can then view these results from either the Extreme Peak Usage report or from the Usage Reporting tool.

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                    Muhammad Faisal Syed



                    Many thanks @Pierre_Michael DESAHYES for the excellent insight into the license count, Is there a way to find out the reason for the job count peak on a particular day? Any audit trail information that would help us find why the pending jobs were carried into the next day.




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                      Mark Francome

                      Pierre_Michael DESHAYES is not at his desk at the moment ...


                      Obviously these issues vary on a daily basis, no site runs exactly the same amount 7 days a week. The report mentioned by Tom will break down your jobs into component parts, e.g. if you have 990 standard jobs and 20 AFT jobs it will list them as such. You can also get much more granularity in the output by using the Control-M Reporting Facility, this will allow you to specify criteria in your report (as opposed to the usage tool).


                      Sometimes you can see jobs in the system that appear to have been manually ordered and this is what has caused you to break the license limit. Checking the ctmlog can help in this case. E.g. this command will show the forced jobs between 10:00 and 10:30 today -


                      ctmlog list 20190318 1000 20190318 1030 | grep 5212 | grep FOLDER | grep FORCED


                      In this case the culprit is somebody called bad_operator at 10:26 -


                      |0318|1026|bad_operator            |00000|CS|5212|JOB xdissq20_UA07, FOLDER xdissq  FORCED                     |

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                        Hi Mohamed Rashid


                        It seems something may have over-count the expected threshold of BMC licensed tasks for your environment.

                        It had happen to our site in the past. As appropriately said by @TOM_GEVA , @Pierre_Michael DESAHYES on how to measure and audit and  Khalid El Kathiri "maximum/peak number of jobs ordered into your ajf (Enterprise Manager) within 365 days." .  I would like to add the very important CTM EM Feature that enables you to watch and monitor on a daily basis the count of tasks and avoid future licensing issues.


                        As of the version 9.00.100, you can define "Usage Alerts" based on task count. You will receive an email every time you thresholds are close to be exceeded.


                        I hope that it can be useful for you.


                        My Best



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                          Mark Francome

                          It also helps if you contact BMC as soon as the license limit has been broken. Waiting for them to discover this as part of the annual reporting process is never a good scenario.

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