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    BBCA Inventory DB: What's in table inventory software_title?

    Roland Bruegger
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      Hi all,

      we are doing some application reporting based on our BBCA Inventory Database. We are mainly using two tables/views as input to answer questions like "how many applications xy are installed?", "detect illegaly installed software on our Win7 clients" and so on.


      a) inventory application

      b) inventory software_title


      My questions:

      1. What's the real difference between these two tables.

      2. The software_title table seems a little strange to us, meaning that we not really understand when data is populated into or removed from this table. E.g. yesterday we've found >2000 rows for HP ALM today they are gone...? Why? No HP ALM installation happend within this period of time!


      Thanks a lot for any hint.


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          The software_title table has information of all the normalized name and the application table should just have the file names of the software's.


          Things would be a lot clearer if you look at the invtree/invtree.diff files on the endpoints:



          base_dir=c:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Adobe AIR

          name=Adobe AIR

          uninstall_string="MsiExec.exe" /X {47FA2C44-D148-4DBC-AF60-B91934AA4842} /Q




          manufacturer=Adobe Systems Incorporated

          exe=adobe air application installer.exe,129408




          name=Adobe AIR

          manufacturer=Adobe Systems Inc.

          source=Program Files

          base_dir=C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\Flash Player\\AddIns\\airappinstaller



          From the above example you can see that there are multiple executable that are mapped to the same name Adobe AIR that is what software titles does. It mapped the filesnames to the a product suite.



          To understand why the HP ALM software was reported yesterday and removed today we will need to backtrack the issue on the endpoint. Check the history on the machine to see if it shows the software was added.


          If not you will take the issue to support to troubleshoot further.

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            Roland Bruegger

            Thanks Gregory,

            your answer helps me a lot. Just one more question: Have you ever seen,  that an application (software_title) would be installed on a system, but NOT be present in the invtree/invtree.diff files?

            or ONLY be present in the invtree/invtree.diff files after the user had really started such an application?


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              Inventory looks only in a certain locations on the system by default.. some include: Current Logged on users profile, registry key and C:\Program files. So if there is an application that is installed in D:\ or another location in C:\ that is not scanned by Inventory by default then it wont show up. You may use the Application Dictionary \ Software Usage to track those apps.


              (I am could be wrong) A couple of possible reason could be if the app is not installed in the default search locations of the scanner service.

              1. And If you are using software usage and monitoring all apps +

              The app Is launched by the user then it might get reported since SWU is monitoring it (But I think there is a validation that happens when consolidating the SWU records.)


              If there is a app folder created under the users profile after launching the app for for the first time.