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    Unable To Run Shavlik Packager error Windows Patching

    Rob Slattery

      We had someone run a patch remediation on a set of servers and several seemed to fail for no apparent reason.  I compared the rsc files from the servers that patched successfully and those that have failed but all are the same.  Agents on targets are all the same.  Permissions and roles all seem to check out.


      Here are what all servers that failed displayed.



      And here is what the download portion of the remediation job showed:


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          Rajeev Gupta

          The most probable causes are as follows:

          (1) The Shavlik libraries need to be reregistered on the target server:
          CMD>cd [RSCD_DIR]
          CMD>regsvr32 stPackager.dll
          CMD>regsvr32 stPatchAssessment.dll

          To automate the process of reregistering these DLL files on multiple servers, review the following article:https://kb.bmc.com/infocenter/index?page=content&id=KA359610

          (2) If reregistering the dll files does not resolve the issue, then the problem could be with the use of the CAB files rather than XML.
          Review the following article for more information about this issue: https://kb.bmc.com/infocenter/index?page=content&id=KA322916
          Per KA322916, perform the CAB -> XML switch, rerun patch analysis, and generate the new deploy job. NOTE: do not run the old deploy job, as it will still fail!

          Should the same issue persist, review the //target/[RSCD_DIR]/Transactions/log/bldeploy-xxx.log. If you see that the BLPatchCheck2 command still references the cab files, i.e.:

          cmd=BlPatchCheck2.exe 0 -s -pt 13 "C:\temp\stage\xxx\\shavlik\hf7b.cab" ...
          cmd=BlPatchCheck2.exe 1 "C:\temp\stage\xxx\\shavlik\pd5.cab" ...

          ... then the steps were not followed correctly; revisit them.


          (3) Check that McAfee AntiVirus has not been partially uninstalled or incopmpletely upgraded.  McAfee replaces the VBScript and other script associations in the Windows Registry so it can intercept said scripts and execute them. When McAfee is not available but the Registry entries have not been removed, it breaks the execution flow.


          (4) If the above do not solve the problem, please open a ticket with BMC Support and include bldeploy-xxx.log from the failing target's "RSCD\Transactions\log" subdirectory.

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            Bill Robinson

            can you attach the entire downloader run log and the bldeploy log from the target w/ the errors ?

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              Rob Slattery

              I've attached the files.  Here are some interesting lines from one of the logs, not sure if they mean anything but seem pretty disparaging:


              - Could not open file "C:\SRVApps\Bladelogic\RSC\\params.txt" for reading

              - Could not find a parameter match to

              - No Package items were processed. Package was already completed or empty.