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    Problems with bl_sesscc when running two or more instances of Bladelogic Console

      Hi there guys!


      I have a three different version instances of Bladeloogic Console installed on my computer. But I have problem with bl_sesscc file when running two or more of them connected to different environments.


      Because this file is used by all them and it is placed at the same place, so when one tries to retrieve the credentials passed at some time it only finds the last ones retrieved by the last Bladelogic console which connected and last place.


      My question is … is there any way to point out different location for that file, depending for example of the version of BL console I am running at each moment. In that way it could open two different version of the console at the same time and each one reads its file from different places what avoid the problem I  am having now.


      I know this could be done with NSH Console but I tried to find some parameter to pass is to BL console execution without success. Any kind of help would be appreciated.


      My best regards.