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    Get Depot File contents in BSA 8.3.2

      I am trying to get the contents of a depot file using an NSH Script, however I am limited to the BLCLI commands found in BSA v8.3.2 (addFileToDepot, and copyFileContentsToPath).  The "copyFileContentsToPath" would do exactly what I need, but I get errors when running it because it cannot be found.  Apparently, it wasn't added until 8.3.3.


      If there is a quick way to grab the contents of the depot file I need it, otherwise if there is a way to locate the Depot File contents using a different method, such as finding the DB Location of the Depot file and performing a CAT on the file, then I need that.  However I am lacking in my familiarity on how to do this.


      The reason we would like it is so that a Bladelogic user can modify a Public Depot file with a list of computer names, then run an NSH Job that will take the contents of that file and push it to another monitoring tool outside of bladelogic then signal that tool to begin its own processes based off the created files.


      Normally, I wouldn't worry about this because we plan to upgrade our BSA version, so it doesn't become an issue.  However, the ability to do this right now is something we need immediately for our current projects and deadlines.