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    How do I add a service on linux?

    Ronald van Gogh

      Although it seemed rather simple to me, it seems what I'm trying to do doesn't work.


      I'm trying to setup ntp on a number of linux servers (Red Hat and SuSE). I already noticed that the daemon for this is called ntpd on Red Hat and ntp on SuSE, so that will also be a challenge, but actually having an issue adding ntp(d) as a service. I build the simple package below for this.



      The last but one step I'm trying to add the ntpd service on a Red Hat machine, while in the last step I'm trying the start this service with the start option. But when I check after completion of the job, I see that ntp is running, but will not automatically be restarted at the next reboot.

      I checked this with the chkconfig command on the server. If chkconfig didn't list the ntpd at all before the job, it still doesn't afterwards. If the ntpd was defined, but 'off' for every runlevel, it stil has the same definitions aterwards.


      What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions? I check if I can somehow attach the related bldeploy log. Perhaps that is helpfull as well.




      Kind regards,  Ronald van Gogh

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