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    Windows Patching - file version is less than expected MS14-068

    Rob Slattery

      We're having some issues with MS14-068 and how multiple tools are not consistently showing the same results.

      My goal is to figure out why BladeLogic seems to not report on MS14-068 the same way as MSPatch Tool and WMIC.


      - Originally, BladeLogic was showing MS14-068 as not installed.
      - MSPatchTool, and wmic was showing it as installed.
      - After running a PAj within BladeLogic, Blade is showing the patch as missing and here is what shows in the PAj results:


      file version is less than expected. [C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\CNG.SYS 6.1.7601.18682 < 6.1.7601.22076]

      - We re-applied the Microsoft's downloaded version of MS14-068 and rebooted. No change.
      - We uninstalled MS14-068, rebooted, reinstalled MS14-068 and rebooted.

      - MSPatchTool, WMIC and programs and features show MS14-068 installed.

      - BladeLogic is showing the patch as installed.


      - We uninstalled MS14-068 and rebooted.

      - BladeLogic shows MS14-068 is installed but,

      - WMIC, MSPatchTool and program and features show it is uninstalled.


      As you can see, and other than the uninstall/reboot/install/reboot phase, did BladeLogic report the same as MSPatch/WMIC.

      Also, it seems that the file, cng.sys, never changes; that is, the file version is always the same.

      What else could we look at to see why these tools are never in synch? .xml file?