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    Tasks created from Change or Work Order Templates are not being assigned properly.

    George Payne
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      I've had to make this customization over and over again and I'm just wondering if there may be a simpler way to do what I'm trying to do.


      Observation: Whenever I use a Change or Work Order Template with Tasks in them, the Tasks created from Task Templates (WITHOUT assignment details in the template) are always assigned to the Service Desk; that's the default "catch-all" assignment group.


      I have noticed that the SITE information is not being transferred from the Parent Application to the Task, and, since my assignments are all location based, that's why it's falling through to the default assignment.


      My "fix" for this has always been to add fields for Region, Site Group and Site to the following form and workflow:


      FORM:                TMS:ParentApplicationTemplateBuilder

      ACTIVE LINK:     WOI:WOI:CreateFromTemplate_CreateTask

      ACTIVE LINK:     INT:CHGTMS:CRQ:CreateFromTemplate_CreateTask

      ACTIVE LINK:     INT:CHGTMS:CNX:CreateFromTemplate_CreateTask

      FILTER:              TMS:PTB:CreateTask`!

      FILTER:              TMS:PTB:CreateTaskGroup`!


      This works great and everyone is happy.  It's just that I like to stick to OOTB as much as possible, so, if there's a configuration that I'm missing to enable the automatic assignment of Tasks created from Change or Work Order Templates, please steer me in the right direction!