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    How get authenticated to AppServer by providing userName, password, appserver info while running "blcli.exe"?

    Isaac Matta

      blcli.exe -h gives below, this means, we can't login to an appserver and run blcli at the same time using user name, password?


      -a <app server hostname>

              specify hostname of BladeLogic Application Server (for SRP and K5 auth type only)



      -f <SSO cred cache file>

              specify the sso credential cache filename (for BLSSO auth type only)




              display this usage description and exit



      -l en|fr|ja|zh

              specify language (locale) to use



      -n true|false

              specify CLI interactive login



      -r <role name>

              specify role



      -v <authentication profile name>

              specify the name of the desired authentication profile to which the cached session credential should conform (for BLSSO auth type only)



      -w <authentication profiles filename>

              specify the name of the file containing authentication profile definitions (for BLSSO auth type only)



      -x <trusted certificates keystore filename>

              specify filename of the trusted certificates keystore (for BLSSO auth type only)



      -rr <XML|JSON>

              Specifies the format of RESTful responses (default = xml)



      -t <transaction id>

              Specify the transaction id that will be utilized on the appserver for any logging of subsequent appserver requests.