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    BladeLogic Client Hangs When Creating Server Smartgroup

    Rob Slattery

      Someone contacted me today and stated that when he tries to create a server smartgroup, his client just hangs.  The little blue circle appears, turns and turns, and after about 30+ minutes, the little blue circle goes away and you can navigate around the client.  Here are some items we've noticed.


      - At first, his client was at an older version than our App Servers so we did a total uninstall and install to

      - He has two roles, role 'A' and role 'B'.  We used both roles and it only happens with role 'B'.

      - We tried creating a server smart group in three different environments (prod, dev, accept) and the same issue in all three.

      - I placed myself in both roles and I did not run into the same issue.

      - I logged into BladeLogic using his user account and password and was able to reproduce the same issue.


      So, is there something wrong with his actual account?  It seems it would be, but why?


      Other suggestions?