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    Control-M versus BAO

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      Hi all,

      A customer asked me the following question:

      what is the difference between Control-M and BAO in terms of functionalities and capabilities.


      Both products are workflow and script-based and they seem to overlap in terms of capabilities.

      When can we position BAO or Control-M?


      Any feedback is most welcome as I need to add this difference in my slide deck that I presenting


      Thanks & regards



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          Daniel Tharby

          Hi Hamid,


          Really this should be posted in the Control-M or Atrium Orchestrator forums.


          Atrium Orchestrator is for automating business process and integrations between BMC and Third-Party platforms. In the CLM context, BAO is used to extend the capabilities before and after provisioning.


          Control-M is more targeted at Workload Batch Schedules, though there could be some overlap for sure, Control-M does not have the capability to transform data in flow like BAO does.


          As both perform different functions you cannot pitch them against each other as both provide value.


          What are the use cases that are being discussed?




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            Hi Daniel,


            Thanks for the bullet points on some differences between the 2 .


            I agree that both products address different domains but as you rightly said both products have some overlap.

            The  use case is simple.

            I have Control-M and knowing that it has a workflow engine ( same as BAO), can I use it to automate some of my IT processes such as? :

            1. User creation , validation, authentication

            2. Asset registration ( as simple as adding a laptop to a domain )


            I need to draft a slide showing the functionalities each product can address.





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              Hi Hamid, for these activities, I should use BAO:


              Customers typically use Atrium Orchestrator to automate IT processes such as reboot a server or provision a machine.

              Customers typically use Control-M to automate a business process such as adjust inventory, run payroll, etc.


              More things:

              AO: mainly online, can respond to events, can easily integrate different IT systems(Monitoring, Service Desk, ...)

              Lots of OOB workflows.

              CTM_ Mainly batch, can manage complex dependencies among different Control-M agents or even Control-M Servers (with EM)





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