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    API Command: Process

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      Command to add a new Reference to a Package <package reference add> is documented, but (in RPD 4.4.0 document) I have not found a command to add a new Trigger to the associated Process.

      Has anyone, in this forum, found a solution..?


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          Jon Thomas

          Jeff, you are correct that this needs to be added to the API.  Thank you for opening the idea (https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/9327).  I have updated this idea with the current status.

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            I have sent you the following via email too...



            Hi Jon,


            That looks great!

            I love the fact that we would be able to Import Processes using an exported XML file… Would that include the tasks and triggers that were already created in a Process? – I sort of been able to do the same already using a Powershell Script and cURL command with Channel Template (blueprint) Properties.


            However, for our use case requires the Process Add command to be similar to the other Add command, as we are creating a complete RPD Package (including Topology objects and process objects) and would not have a Process to export from…


            For the Trigger: as it is a component of Process with the command be “Process Trigger Add”? for consistency with the other commands, I recommend this format…


            And one last question, will we be able to use Process names instead of IDs with these commands?


            Again thank you for your reply… cheers!

            jeff elep (bmo)