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    Compliance-Job Results

    Jens Heilmann




      we are using the compliance functionality of bladelogic (BL85SP1P4).


      We have created Component Templates, Components (over a discoveryjob) and compliance jobs.


      After a compliance job is finished successfully, we want to check automatically the results over a blcli command or commands to find non-compliant servers. These servers-lists we want process further in our backend-systems. 


      My Questions are:


      1.) Is there a blcli command to export the results like the "Server View" view in the blconsole ?






      2.) Is there a blcli command to create a Servername-List of non-compliant servers based on the last jobresult of a compliance-job ?






      3.) Is the a blcli-command to check a server for being compliant or non-compliant based on the last jobresult and servername?