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    export / import blpackages

    Atul Matkar

      Hello All,


      I have a BSA with 8.2 version with couple of BLpackages. I exported packages and tried to import in another BSA with 8.6 but import fails giving version mismatch.


      Is there any way i can import them to 8.6 BSA?




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          Karim Brown

          Hi Atul,I don't know waht are the requirements of export/import for the Version 8.6 but the error massage you posted say, the version 8.6 don't work with 8.2 exports. So if you check the 8.6 doc I hope you will find some information about import/export version copatibility.

          But one thing will work => upgrade the 8.2 version to 8.6 and export your BL Packages.