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    Parent Incident marked closed but the child Incidents are still in Pending Status

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      Hi All,



      When the Incident is marked as a “Duplicate of” another Incident its Status is set to “Pending” and its Statius Reason is set to “Pending Original Incident”.  These fields as well as others (like the Resolution and Categorization fields) are made read only during this process and stay read only until the Original Incident is resolved.

      It is happening but there  is an incident [Parent ] associated with 50 + Child Incident.

      The parent INC is marked CLose but all the childs tcikets are showing Pending status?

      --> If we open the Parent Incident and see the Relationshp Tab,all the Child Incident are shown "CLosed"

      but we open the child incident from the relationship tab ,it open the same child INC with pending status.

      It is happening with all the 50 + INCs. From Relationship tab it looks ok but when open it individually it show Pending.

      Can anybody suggest on this ? has anyone come across to this issue?