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    Issue with windows patch deployment in the stage phase of deploy job

      Hi Guys,


      I am facing issue where in the servers are failing at stage phase with the below error


      Unable to download payload for: SQL SERVER 2005 X64 ENTERPRISE EDITION SP4-en, Error: java.io.IOException: Could not open the file //WHS location/SQLServer2005SP4-KB2463332-x64.exe.tmpl: Operation canceled (Caused By: Could not open the file //WHS location/S2: Operation canceled)


      and then it time outs.


      and if i check the windows helper server location i was not able to find "SQLServer2005SP4-KB2463332-x64.exe.tmpl" but only "SQLServer2005SP4-KB2463332-x64.exe" (only tmpl not present) and the analysis was run one day before and deployment was done today


      any idea why i am facing it.