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    Adding information to ticket via email

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      Hi, community! IS it possible add some info into the open ticket via email service?  for example we have too many vendor services every month and we have to track every service ticket and add info from vendors into it. right now it is about 5 persons who provide that kind of service and i want to automate this process  as i mentioned in sde theres email service. I can sent email to sevice address with specific flag in email and email will be attached to the ticket i found only *ref# but i think theres many others so if theres reference about it please point me;) thank you
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          Where do you want to add this info (Which Field do you want to be updated)?

          The *ref# email update will only add an Incident Detail record by default (EMAILIN). In order to have the email update a specific field, for example Work Notes, you would need to create a business rule for the Mail Listen module.

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            It is certainly possible but not easy.(At least in our old SDE version 10.1)   For instance, we created a new field on the incident form for Firewall Request approval using one of the fields in the database that is not used (HelpDeskText06 as an example).   When a user fills out a firewall request, an email is sent to security via a business rule.  Security clicks on the approve or deny button in the email and another business rule populates the field in the form with the Approve or Deny string.  Business rules can do anything you like but it takes time.