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    Using HPSUM in Post-Install script to deploy latest drivers to HP server during provisioning

    Brian Engel

      Unfortunately I have had zero training on BSA and I didn't set up our provisioning environment. As a result I often find myself in situations that are over my head. I am slowly but surely working the hiccups out of a 2012 R2 Datacenter provision for HP hardware.


      On my latest attemp I noticed that my deployed OS was missing a lot of drivers. In the Post-Install Script section, located in the Post-Install Configurtion tab of the System Package, we have a command that is as follows:


      cmd /c start /wait c:\drivers\hpsum.exe /use_latest /allow_non_bundle_components /allow_update_to_bundle /use_snmp /On_failed_dependency:Force /silent


      It's my understanding that this command uses HPSUM to scour that folder for the latest and greatest drivers. My question is, how do I update that folder? I have the latest SSP iso and have it's contents extracted on my local machine, but without a lot of understanding of HPSUM or BSA, I am stuck. Detailed help would be appreciated.