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    How to use BLCLI ExcludePatchDevice

    Steffen Kreis



      is someone using the BLCLI to set Patch Excludes on a Windows Server ?


      Just trying to get my head around how that would work, especially as the input for the command


      "ExcludePatchDevice excludePatchFromServer"


      are of type list for the servers and the patches.

      I'm not sure how i would generate those on the fly in NSH/BLCLI.


      The Use-Case we are looking at here is that certain Applications have defined Patch-Excludes on specific patches here.

      Today when we deploy such servers, we need to make sure to pick up a specific Patch-Job, which has those Patches marked as Exlcude.

      This is VERY complex and consfusing as we have to manage all sorts of different Patch-Jobs.


      Going forward with 8.6, whenever we deploy such a server from our Portal and AO, i directly would like to set the specified Patch-Exclude lists on that server object directly, so that we don't have to worry on using the right job.