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    Referencing property dictionary class instances in compliance

    richard mcleod

      Is there anyway to reference a property dictionary class instance inside of a compliance rule without having to create a separate local property for each instance to map to?


      I have 40 something instances of a class in my dictionary, the class has 4 custom properties (group_owner, file_dir_path, user_owner, permissions)


      My compliance rules will be the same for each instance


      But it looks like I'll have to create 40 local properties to map to the global dictionary instances


      Is there anyway around this?


      My rules would be setup like this



      ??global_instance.file_dir_path?? exists


      ??global_instance.file_dir_path??."Group Owner Name" = ??global_instance.group_owner?? AND

      ??global_instance.file_dir_path??."User Owner Name" = ??global_instance.user_owner?? AND

      ??global_instance.file_dir_path??."Permissions" = ??global_instance.permissions?? AND


      I would literally just copy and paste this rule in my template while point each rule to the next instance

      (could work in a similar fashion to how bl package remediation properties are selected)

      However the only way I see to do this currently is create a local property in the component template, map the property class, create an instance where the mapping for the property = to the instance i am looking to check. this will get hugely messy.

      I hope im just missing something

      Anyone see any use for this? If so I'll raise it as an idea if there is no way to do this

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