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    Is there a way to limit the number of WIT used by a CUJ?

    Yanick Girouard

      Whenever a CUJ runs, it will use all available Work Item Threads that it needs in order to execute the Depot Object Processing batches. The number of batches is set by the number of objects to process divided by the batch size setting set in the Patch Global Configuration.


      If there's for example, 150 batches to process, but that your app server only has 50, the CUJ will consume 1 WIT for the metadata parsing, and 49 WITs for the depot object processing batches, and then reuse more WITs until the 150 batches are processed. When that happens, no other job can run on that application server until all WITs are finished, and that part can easily take 1 hour to run.


      Is there a setting or property I can set to limit the number of WIT that a CUJ can use to a certain number?