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    Can I Return a Parent Object's Property Through the BladeLogic REST API?


        I wrote the following query against the REST web service API for BladeLogic to return the start time of any job runs that had errors. Along with that I wish to know the parent job's date created and role created.




      However, I am getting the output below returned:


      <PropertySetInstance name="" description="" type="/type/PropertySetClasses/SystemObject/Job Run" dbKey="DBKey:SJobRunModelKeyImpl:2136235-145009819" objectId="fe86faf0-4b22-34a0-e043-7815c9ab334f" uri="/id/SystemObject/Job Run/fe86faf0-4b22-34a0-e043-7815c9ab334f" modelType="JOB_RUN" modelTypeId="9006">

      <PropertyValues totalCount="2">

        <PropertyValue name="START_TIME" type="Date" uri="/id/SystemObject/Job Run/fe86faf0-4b22-34a0-e043-7815c9ab334f/PropertyValues/START_TIME" value="2008-03-18 11:53:48" />

        <PropertyValue name="JOB" type="/type/PropertySetClasses/SystemObject/Job" uri="/id/SystemObject/Job Run/fe86faf0-4b22-34a0-e043-7815c9ab334f/PropertyValues/JOB" value="" />



      The Start Time of the run is returned but none of the properties I want from the parent job are returned. Instead it just returns me a reference to the parent job. I read the post here (which BTW has distrorted images) on querying complex properties that I thought would also work against a job object but does not appear to be the case. Am I doing something wrong or is JOB not a complex object that can be nested in a query?